ANSLAB SPR pre-meeting workshop 2017

This page contains additional information and data for the upcoming SPR pre-meeting workshop taking place on October 11, 2017 in Vienna, Austria. See also the SPR website for additional information.

Downloading OpenANSLAB and ANSLAB Professional

To download OpenANSLAB please complete the form on the OpenANSLAB download page and you will be automatically redirected to the download.

In case of ANSLAB Professional please follow the instructions given at the end of the download page, using the user credentials you received by email. Please be sure to select version 2.6p in the ANSLAB installer, otherwise the installation will fail.

Note: The ANSLAB Professional trial user from the email is valid for a period of 30 days. The user will be activated about one week before the workshop takes place. Using this user you can use all modules and file formats available in ANSLAB Professional.

Downloading demo data for the workshop

Demo data for OpenANSLAB: Download (~ 7 MB)

Demo data for ANSLAB Professional: Download (~ 800 MB)

Note: please ignore the warnings of Google Drive about the problem with showing a preview or performing a virus scan. This is not possible due to the file sizes and the fact that the files are password-protected.

Downloading the workshop slides and other documents

You can download the workshop slides from here. To extract the contents of the archive please use the password you received by email.

The editing guidelines for unusal ECG recordings (as shown in the workshop) can be downloaded from here. Please again use the password you received by email.